Stats update – month 2

Month 2 has come to an end! Time for a new portion of hot statistics. I know you have been waiting for them… Let me know if you would like see some additional things here (no, no THAT kind of things – stop thinking about it!).

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(Quickie) Germany vs Portugal 4 – 0

Finally I got some results related to search terms that led someone to my blog:


I doubt he found what he was looking for, but hey, you don’t look a gift horse in the mouth – one additional viewer scored!

Naming my posts by current events to grab some more views…. hmmm… that makes sense… Ka-ching!

My name is Bond, James Bond

Creating and promoting your game or app is like trying to pick up a girl.

Unless you are interested in one night stand, what your ultimate goal is, is to make yourself and HER happy. You are doing your best, put on your best clothes, rehearse your best pick-up lines, try as hard as you can… only to get burned, ignored, slammed in the face, treated with a pepper spray, run down by cops for a sexual assault etc. All this without any compensation.

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Read, edit, sleep, repeat

After achieving outstanding success in Facebook advertising it was time to address my unaware fans directly. While checking out different possibilities, I came across Reddit.

Reddit (Read + Edit) is like an Internet forum where users can create normal posts or share links. The content can be then upvoted (similar to “Like” or “+1”) or downvoted (similar to “I hate you and I want to feed your corpse to puppies”). The sum of all upvotes and downvotes of a particular post makes up its points value. I like to have lots of points as it makes me more masculine.

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Marketing 101

Tap2Tap was ready. Everybody wanted to play it, but no-one knew it existed. It was time to make some really serious investments in advertising on Facebook.

The aim of my campaign was to get as many likes as possible for my Facebook page. If friends see you like something, maybe they would be inclined to like/download the game as well?

I talked to my inner CFO and have decided that $30 spread over 5 days should be enough to generate massive publicity and following. With such an enormous budget the sky was the limit!

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