For all the geeks

I have received some messages from extremely frightened people who were disturbed by the vulgar words like “Libgdx” (yuck!) and “framework” (how dare you!) that I have used in one of my previous posts.

Please accept my sincerest apologies.

To ensure that it would never happen again I have decided to start a new blog dedicated to the geeky stuff (programming, developing, coding etc.) – Developer over 30.

Have a look, maybe you will find a geek in you?


The king is dead, long live the king!

Everyone was telling meĀ – Tap 2 Tap is addictive but it looks like cra… eghm.. looks boring. You have to add graphics. You have to add animations. You have to add cute animals.

But I wasn’t ready for it. I knew I sucked at drawing – the only thing that I could draw was a fat-bottomed deformed Donald Duck like this:

Donald Duck

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My name is Bond, James Bond

Creating and promoting your game or app is like trying to pick up a girl.

Unless you are interested in one night stand, what your ultimate goal is, is to make yourself and HER happy. You are doing your best, put on your best clothes, rehearse your best pick-up lines, try as hard as you can… only to get burned, ignored, slammed in the face, treated with a pepper spray, run down by cops for a sexual assault etc. All this without any compensation.

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