Extreme makeover

Imagine you want to paint your house. It has not been renovated for a while so it needs refreshing. Or you got bored with the color and are looking for something different. Or a raccoon came running and splashed dirt and mud on the walls. You get the idea – new paint.

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Add randomness to your life

Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook, because he liked looking at girls. I have created FlexiDice, because I liked looking at board games. The history was meant to repeat itself.

FlexiDice is an application for creating custom dice (one die, two dice; there is no thing like “dices”, goddamit!) for Android smartphones. It lets you specify how many sides a die should have (so not only 6, but whatever number you are dreaming of), you can put text or numbers on the sides, change text and background colors. It is a really cool thing… if you are into custom dice apps for Android…

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