I cannot tell how the virus called “2048” spread, who was the patient zero and what happened then. The pace at which the epidemic spread was definitely amazing with hundreds of thousands of people contracting the disease every day.

What made 2048 so deadly that human’s immune system cannot fight it?

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Me too, me too!

I think everyone by now has heard about 2048 – a small on-line puzzle game that went viral and has reached an incredible following. If you have not played it, have a go… or keep reading to learn about something 26% better.

I have read about 2048 first time in Sydney Morning Herald from March 25th – so the craze has been going on for at least a week by then. I haven’t played the game – I just read the rules in the article, looked at the screenshot and a question came to my mind that must have been bothering human race since the dawn of the history – would it work in MS Excel?

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