How I made gazillions on-line?

Well, not exactly, I have not made gazillions on-line. Actually, as of today I have not made any kind of success in the on-line environment (apart from having almost 200 friends on Facebook, yay!). But hey, you have to start somewhere, right? And with all this power of attraction, thinking about it should be enough to make it happen (or at least it will not hurt). Hopefully, this blog will be about how I became millionaire – but for that you will have to wait another couple (hundred) posts.

Who am I?

I am in my early thirties (yes, I know, 10 years too old comparing to all those wiz-kids), living in Sydney, working a full-time job, with some after-work activities (volleyball, board games, indoor climbing). Not much time to work on any side projects.

Why do I want to become a millionaire?

Why not? 🙂 However, I don’t need to be a millionaire – I just want to be able to make my living from an on-line business (by which I mean websites and smartphone apps). Lie on a hammock on my balcony (not the one I have now, unless you are fan of traffic, peeking neighbors and shade), programming in my pyjamas holding a beer in one hand (haven’t figured out yet how can you code effectively with one hand only, but it is high on my to-do list). I would also like to have a work that makes a bigger sense. Don’t take me wrong – I like my job, I like people I am working with (including you, Ted), but I have this internal feeling that I am here for a higher purpose (how lucky must I have been to be the chosen one out of 6 billion people). I cannot become Iron Man, so at least I can make my mark in history by bringing people joy with apps:)

And it would be much easier to explain to my parents what the hell I am doing at work (I have failed miserably in this couple of times). I would just tell them – “Download this app. This is my baby.” (then they would probably respond – “We want a real grandchild, not this”, but anyway…).

Why this blog?

I have seen many how-to-become rich guides on the Internet, however I have not seen a blog about the events when they unfolded. This blog is not means of earning money which is often the case (“I will tell you how I became rich. You just need to buy my e-book.” – hey, if you are rich, you should be able to give me that book for free!).

Writing blog will also be a means of motivating me. Adding new posts requires that I do something so as to have something to write about. Unless you want to hear stories about my holidays… (do you? I can talk about them all the time. For example once I flew to Peru and then in the…. )

Please follow me on my journey. I hope you will enjoy it!


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