(Review) Do you want $10 off when buying a steak?

If you are reading the post it means that the question worked with you like it worked with me.

However in my case I really got the $10 and unfortunately you will only be rewarded with reading this amazing post.

The $10 (in a form of a promo code) was the bribe I have received to try a new app called Clipp. Clipp’s aim is to reduce the hassle relating to paying for drinks or food at a pub and setting up a tab. Instead of having a physical tab token (a number) you just flash your phone. Easy.

How does it work:

–  Firstly you need to register. I did it using Facebook account which is a nice feature. The app requires your picture – the salesperson checks your tab number on the phone and (should) compare your face with the picture that pops up on their cash register. I wonder how does it work when you are after couple of drinks and you look less professional…

– Add your credit card number. You can take a picture of your card and the app will recognize the numbers. You still need to enter the expiry date and the code from the other side of the card. The card should not be shared with the merchant – so works like paypal.

– Go to the pub (sorry, no home delivery)

– Open the tab in the app and set up a tab limit. The merchant is automatically informed about it.

– Show the number displayed by the app when purchasing things.

– Close the tab in the app when leaving – you don’t need to go to bar to close it. I was told that the tab should be automatically closed when you leave the premises (tracking via GPS), but it did not work in my case.

Good things:

– You don’t need to pay separately for each of your purchases, so it saves some time and hassle.

– You can see how much you spend. Has it ever happened to you that the bartender just took your card and paywaved/paypassed it near the cash register so that you couldn’t even see how much you were charged? Not anymore.

– You don’t need to handover your card to be kept at the bar. It feels as the card is still in your pocket (… and in the cloud) and you will not forget to take it home.

Question marks:

– The app also allows for sharing the tab among colleagues. However in this case everyone needs to have the app. It is definitely a good way for the app makers to spread it (you want to drink? download the app!), but it might be too big a hassle comparing to leaving a card at the bar.

In conclusion, a good simple idea and effective execution.

Will I use it? Not for one-off drink purchases, but probably yes if staying for a couple more. And definitely if I get more promo codes.


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