The king is dead, long live the king!

Everyone was telling me – Tap 2 Tap is addictive but it looks like cra… eghm.. looks boring. You have to add graphics. You have to add animations. You have to add cute animals.

But I wasn’t ready for it. I knew I sucked at drawing – the only thing that I could draw was a fat-bottomed deformed Donald Duck like this:

Donald Duck

I learned it when I was 6 and haven’t done any progress since. I always draw him exactly the same way and should I need to make any changes I would run away crying in panic.

There is nothing cuter than a teddy bear, right? So I needed to wipe my tears and draw one.

The key to success was to go as minimalistic as possible. Do some internet search to find other people’s bears (apparently, everything in world of bears has already been drawn before) for inspiration, then combine couple of circles in Inkscape, add some colours, nothing fancy.

It was enough. Ready Steady Teddy was brought to life:


What is the game about? You start with the outline of the head. You merge the first tiles and the eyes appear. Two taps more and you can see the nose. The bear is born on your screen. What will come next? Will it get ears, hat, maybe something else? A little bit more exciting than wondering what would happen if you combine 64 and 64 (spoiler alert: it is 128).

And it worked. When showcasing it to friends and colleagues, I didn’t have to force / beg / harass / bribe / threaten them to play the developer version. They wanted to download it straight away (yay! I will have at least 3 users!). I think it looks quite alright, doesn’t it?


Ready Steady Teddy has been created using (geek alert) LibGDX. LibGDX is an engine, a set of procedures that lets you do things easier. Imagine you were running a restaurant and wanted to serve scrambled eggs. You hire an inexperienced chef who knows nothing about making the scrambled eggs. So you tell him that he needs to wash the eggs, crack them in a bowl, melt some butter in a frying pan, pour the mixture etc. This is how normal programming looks like – you have to code every single thing.

LibGDX is like an experienced chef. You want scrambled eggs you tell him – make me scrambled eggs. That’s it. No need to worry about chef using kerosene instead of butter.

But the best thing is that it allows you to create the iPhone version using the same code you used for Android. Imagine you needed two different chefs to serve the scrambled eggs to two groups of customers (must be due to some religion related issues I suppose). LibGDX allows you to have a single (slightly smarter) chef to serve both.

I have tested it on iPhone and it works! Jumping with joy, I’ve tried uploading the app to Apple store. Hey, their devices might be easy to use, but they definitely haven’t made the life easy for developers. There are so many different steps, details to be entered, substeps etc. that it was just too much for now. I haven’t given up yet, but I have to prepare myself for a longer battle. I wouldn’t want to deprive the iOS lovers from the chance of playing the game which definitely they are dying to try.

Once the game was released, it was time do to some cleaning. My store profile was too crowded with different versions of the same game. This meant that I had to say good bye to Tap 2 Tap.

I have also decided to unpublish Erotic Tap. The stickiness was unfortunately very low – merely 10% of the people who downloaded it decided to keep it on their devices (“we had such a great time last night and now you are not responding to my text messages. You bastard!”). However, it was quite interesting that in two months it got the same number of downloads as Tap 2 Tap in six – thank you all the sex maniacs of the Internet!

Please try Ready Steady Teddy. And let me know should you encounter any bugs or had any comments.

Now I just need to find a celebrity who would tweet about it. Anyone knows Johnny Depp or Scarlett Johansson?




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