Extreme makeover

Imagine you want to paint your house. It has not been renovated for a while so it needs refreshing. Or you got bored with the color and are looking for something different. Or a raccoon came running and splashed dirt and mud on the walls. You get the idea – new paint.

You contact the painter and ask for quotation. You tell him that the house looks like this and that, give him the pictures. If he wants, he can even come and see the house by himself.

After some waiting you finally get a response: “Hmm… It is difficult to provide a price estimate, because the house can be big or small, can have many levels, can have lots of windows etc. Could you show me other houses that look similar to yours?”

Seriously… what? No need to look at other ones to imagine how the house looks like – I sent you the pictures of it!


I have contacted couple of web-designers in my home country wanting to put new clothes on Board Games Mechanics Library (it was freezing by now, dressed only in bare black and white boxer shorts). I’ve sent them the pages and explained that I just wanted to make them look nice. As we were speaking the same language, at least the language barrier was gone. And it should be cheaper – in the end a beer at a pub costs one-third of the price there comparing to here!

The results: 4 did not bother to respond. 1 responded, but went silent after first e-mail, 3 gave me the painter-response.

At that moment I was ready to give up and get used to the fact that my page will always be looking like a supermodel without makeup.

And there came light. A friend told me about Bootstrap. Bootstrap is like a shop with free good-looking clothes made of some flexible material so that it does not matter whether you are thin or fat – you would look good (or at least not scary). In more technical terms: websites are built using HTML tags – they specify that a table should be here, a button there, a hyperlink somewhere else. On the other hand Bootstrap is a CSS stylesheet – it describes how these tables, buttons, hyperlinks etc. should look like (colors, alignment, borders, everything you desire). Bootstrap also makes the page responsive – it will adjust itself automagically to different screen sizes of PCs, smartphones or tablets.

It took me a day and the site was painted and dressed. It was ready to go. Celebrated it by going for Grand Angus without onions for the money saved on web-designer.

It looks quite cool now, doesn’t it?







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