Stats update – month 2

Month 2 has come to an end! Time for a new portion of hot statistics. I know you have been waiting for them… Let me know if you would like see some additional things here (no, no THAT kind of things – stop thinking about it!).

Main actions this month:

  • Releasing Erotic Dice, my third app! Currently I am not promoting it all and it is getting 50 downloads per day, hooray!
  • Creating Google+ page for the blog.
  • Promoting Board Game Mechanics Library on a board games forum.
  • Changed Blog’s template to make the menu more visible.
  • Added My Projects and Social Media pages to the Blog.
  • Added most popular posts list and tag map to the Blog – you can find them at the bottom of the posts.
  • Added “Please rate my apps” and “Have a look at my other apps” to all my apps (pop-ups that appear from time to time).


  • 284 installs (+215), 203 active (+152)
  • Ads impressions: 4,484 (+3,497)
  • Clicks: 14 (+5)
  • Total earnings: $2.86 (+$0.69)


  • 120 installs (+34), 79 active (+17) – unfortunately the installation rate has slowed down… Does anyone know any celebrities (ANY!) who could be photographed while playing Tap2Tap?
  • Ads impressions: 15,579 (+8,366)
  • Clicks: 17 (+6)
  • Total earnings: $2.15 (+$0.67)

Erotic Dice

  • Released this month. Writing posts on Reddit for the first few days. Eeee… it was not a spectacular success there…
  • 708 installs, 267 active. It has more installs than Tap2Tap and FlexiDice combined!
  • No ads.

Total apps

  • 1,112 installs (+957), 549 active (+436)
  • Ads impressions: 20,063 (+11,863)
  • Clicks: 31 (+11)
  • Total earnings: $5.01 (+$1.36). The magical barrier of five dollars breached – now it should be easy to get to millions.

Board Games Mechanics Library (including Siroak)

  • Users, mechanics, comments added not by me: 0. Still nothing, although I got some positive comments on the board game forum. Don’t be shy, people!
  • Visitors: 360 (+302)
  • Pageviews: 1,140 (+1,044)
  • Earnings: $0 – no ads.


  • Posts: 14 (+8). I have introduced Quickie and Current Affairs sections.
  • Comments: 7 (+3)
  • Pageviews: 799 (+485)
  • Earnings: $0 – no ads.
  • Facebook fan page likes: 27 (+24). Thank you friends!

General notes:

  • These are the lifetime statistics, not this month only.
  • There is a lag in reporting the installations – it can be assumed that they were at the end of yesterday.
  • Ads impressions seem to be reported live. In order to have a meaningful comparison with installations, I have presented the stats as at the end of yesterday.
  • Ads impressions between Tap2Tap and FlexiDice are not easily comparable as the ads have been placed in different spots. Tap2Tap has just one screen where an ad is displayed constantly with a refresh every 60 seconds. FlexiDice has couple of screens and the ads are displayed on two: main screen and the roll dice screen. Summing up – if you play Tap2Tap for 2 hours, you will see 120 ads. However, if you use FlexiDice for 2 hours, you might see no ads at all.
  • There are no ads in Erotic Dice.
  • There is one counter for usage of Board Game Mechanics Library and Siroak.

3 thoughts on “Stats update – month 2

    • Thanks! Everything is self thought by reading books and tutorials and lots of experimenting. However I had experience in programming using other languages, e.g. Visual Basic for Applications or PHP. Does it answer your question?

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