(Current affairs) $500,000 per letter

The app lets you send “Yo” to other app users. Just this, two letters (actually you can send “YoYo” if you double tap, but it doesn’t matter), you cannot add any other message.

screen568x568screen568x568 2

Million dollar idea? Don’t know, but definitely not something that I would use.

So why is it possible it managed to gather funding of $1,000,000?

Now it went viral – not the app itself, but the fact that it got so much dough. This leads to more downloads and more money. Viscous circle.

The developer claims the app was already downloaded 60,000 times. I am wondering what was the number before it went viral. But if it was low, how come the creator, Or Arbel, managed to gather such a huge funding? And if it had many downloads, how did he achieved that before it went viral?

The world went crazy.

Unless it is just a marketing stunt. The only named investor is Moshe Hogeg, the developer’s (ex)boss. Maybe there is no financing – has anyone actually seen any bills?

The aim? Just to get the buzz. Enough to make the app go viral…


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