My name is Bond, James Bond

Creating and promoting your game or app is like trying to pick up a girl.

Unless you are interested in one night stand, what your ultimate goal is, is to make yourself and HER happy. You are doing your best, put on your best clothes, rehearse your best pick-up lines, try as hard as you can… only to get burned, ignored, slammed in the face, treated with a pepper spray, run down by cops for a sexual assault etc. All this without any compensation.

It is the same with the apps – in the end you want your users to have a little bit of fun (and maybe let you earn enough money to buy a Ferrari, but let’s ignore it for a while). You spend endless hours on learning how to create them. Instead of sleeping you design the user interface, think how the app should work. Then you give it to the world (usually) for free hoping that your users will like it. What are the results? Ignoring, downvoting on forums or giving you bad ratings without any sort of explanations so you can’t defend yourself, deinstalling, not clicking the adds, complaining, sending you threats etc.

Being an apps developer is a wonderful job.

Why is this happening?

Users are spoilt! There is lots of free software, free apps, free games, free websites. Everything is for free. And if something is not for free you can find a place where it is for free. If they don’t like something they can move on to one of the hundreds alternatives.

Users are anonymous! The developer will not find out if you click dislike. The developer will not find out if you give 3 stars instead of 5. The developer will not find out if you send him a head of horse or a dead fish wrapped in a newspaper (ok, if you do this, I will find you!).

Users want the apps to be free, but hate ads! The truth is, if users were clicking them, they would not have to be displayed everywhere possible. Now the app has to display 1,000 ads and be lucky to get one click. What would happen if it was enough just to display 10? There is a great chance that you would have to look at them 100 times less often. Everybody would be happy.

Not into picking up girls? Imagine you were walking down the street and you saw a street artist performing some tricks. Imagine the same situation, but this time there were hundreds of on-lookers. Which time you would be more likely to stop and see what is happening? Same with apps – if you have lots of downloads, you will have even more downloads as you will be at the top of all rankings. Vicious circle.

Ratings, reviews and comments is all the developer has in the beginning. Help him. If you like his app, write a review, share the info on Facebook or Twitter. Don’t be afraid to click the ads. Ok, most (if not all) ad networks prohibit encouraging users to click the ads (e.g. you cannot tell the user that the ads will be disabled for 24 hours if he clicks one of them) – I am just saying that it would be great if you just noticed them and clicked if you liked something (they do not bite, usually).

If you show your appreciation, the developer would be encouraged to develop the app further, add additional functionalities, would be quicker to fix all the bugs. Everybody would be happy.

Yes, being an apps developer is a challenging job.

That’s why I like it so much.


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