Hugh Hefner 2.0

Two things in the Internet make more money than anything else – gambling and porn (and maybe pictures of puppies).

I didn’t have enough resources to open an on-line casino (would you like to play a game of high-roll roulette run on a server kept under my bed?). It is probably also not that legal.

Porn on the other hand… ok, I could do that. I just needed couple of volunteers, hotel room and a smartphone camera.

Though tempting, in the end I have decided on the lite version. Something that will turn you into combination of Casanova, Austin Powers and James Bond.

Erotic Dice. Who said you should not take your phone to bed? A flexible dice app meant to spice up your bedroom. One that you could adjust to cater for your libido.

FlexiDice was working really well so I just needed to adjust it to new requirements. Change it from a niche product to mass-market one. Make it less geeky and more sexy. Red and black colors are sexy. Erotic Dice had to be all black and red.

Additionally I had to strip functionalities to make it more handy and easy to use. Therefore there is no random number generator, you cannot roll more than one die of the same type, but still you can create sets of different dice. You cannot change the text or background color – doggy-style is doggy-style no matter whether you write in green or blue. All this allowed to reduce the number of screens, so you can get to the point quicker. No more shuffling the pages, when you are already under pressure.

I also got rid of the “set number of sides” icon. It looked like a Catholic cross. You don’t want to look at the cross while deciding between cunnilingus and fellatio.

The app does not have ads yet. Admob which I am using for FlexiDice and Tap2Tap, my puzzle game, cannot be added to the apps with high maturity content (“if you were uncomfortable with using the app at work, it is a no no”. Maybe they are shy). Therefore I have decided to go for Appflood which does not seem to have these limitations – the ads will be enabled once I get a meaningful number of lovers… eghm… users.

In my opinion it looks way better than FlexiDice – it has this overall classy feel. My graphic designing skills are improving!

Some people say that there should be pictures on the sides of the dice instead of text, but then 1. I would have to draw all of them – and I can only draw Donald Duck. 2. The dice were meant to be flexible – it is much easier just to add text.

Current stats – 70 downloads in 3 days! And that only with a bit of promo on reddit.

Have a go. Tell me whether it works for you. But please, don’t send me any pictures…


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