Read, edit, sleep, repeat

After achieving outstanding success in Facebook advertising it was time to address my unaware fans directly. While checking out different possibilities, I came across Reddit.

Reddit (Read + Edit) is like an Internet forum where users can create normal posts or share links. The content can be then upvoted (similar to “Like” or “+1”) or downvoted (similar to “I hate you and I want to feed your corpse to puppies”). The sum of all upvotes and downvotes of a particular post makes up its points value. I like to have lots of points as it makes me more masculine.

Not only your posts are rated, but your comments to someone else’s posts as well. Number of upvotes minus number of downvotes determines how much karma points you have. Karma points are awesome. Everybody wants to have as many karma points as possible. I have no idea what you can do with karma points.

However, the greatest thing about Reddit is that it has thousands of different forums (called subreddits). You don’t need to look for interesting forums in Google anymore. You don’t need to register (and provide the same password you are using for your internet banking) to different dodgy websites. You are looking for a forum on a particular subject,  just go to Reddit – it is definitely there. Looking for dragons making love to cars? Yep, it is here (warning, not suitable for work).

I couldn’t miss this opportunity. It was time for some serious posting.

Here are the subreddits I’ve posted on in the order of appearance (number of subscribers of a particular subreddit is in the brackets):

Promoting Tap2Tap

2048 (1.8k) – Tap2Tap was inspired by 2048. 2048 lovers must instantly fall in love with Tap2Tap!

playmygame (4.2k)- looked like a place where everyone can beg others to try their game.

SmallAwesomeGames  (0.2k) – because Tap2Tap is a small awesome game

YouShouldPlay (1.9k) – Not only you should play, but also click the ads!

Excel (11.4k) – Excel is awesome. Everybody loves Excel. I am an Excel guru.

2048 (again) – Having become Excel subrredit celebrity I had to try out the same strategy with 2048 lovers.

Funny  (6.0 MILLION) – I need an honest answer here. Which is funnier: a picture of a grumpy cat or an awesome Excel spreadsheet?

productivity (58.1k) – If you are addicted to the game, you cannot work much.

Promoting blog

anythinggoesblog (0.5k) – Must be the place where all new bloggers try to persuade other new bloggers to visit their new blog.

blogs (3.6k) – I have a blog! I have a blog! Upvote me!

IAmA (5.5 MILLION)- “I am a [SOMEONE INTERESTING]. Ask me anything!”. Yes, subscribers will definitely prefer to ask me questions as compared to asking movie directors or world class athletes.

IndieGaming (52.6k) – Independent games. Tap2Tap is very independent.

2048 (again) – Let’s see whether 2048 lovers will take part in a discussion or whether they are too busy playing the game.

Promoting FlexiDice

boardgames (65.6k) – FlexiDice is actually quite a useful app for board games fans.

  • Custom dice app for Android – 42 upvotes, 15 downvotes, 27 points. I got some interesting feedback and then added couple of improvements to the app. Thanks to all!

rpg (68.8k) – through its ability to roll whichever dice you want, FlexiDice should be useful for role-playing game fans.

sex (445.1k) – Did I post on “sex” subreddit? It can’t have been me. Somebody must have hacked my PC.

Warhammer (22.9k) – It is a game where you roll thousands of dice. 90% of the game consists of rolling the dice, summing them up, looking for them under the table. FlexiDice could reduce the average playing time from three days to 27 minutes.

  • Custom dice app for Android – 8 upvotes, 4 downvotes, 4 points. Warhammer is a game during which you are trying to annihilate the army of your opponent. Opponents are not usually trustworthy. Opponents would definitely make some hidden adjustments to the app so that they always roll 6. No place for FlexiDice here.


  • Promoting on Reddit works. Here is the graph of the daily installs of FlexiDice (click to enlarge) – the two peaks which amounted to 200 downloads occured after  posting to “boardgames” and “rpg”.

FlexiDice - daily installs

  • There is no point in adding posts to subreddits that don’t have many subscribers. Even if you create the best post ever not many people will see it.
  • Blunt self-promotion does not work.
  • Promote yourself as a side effect. Write a post which is interesting and mention your product almost “by accident”. Unless your app is something that the users are really waiting for.
  • Respond to the comments to your posts. Nobody likes to be ignored.



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