I cannot tell how the virus called “2048” spread, who was the patient zero and what happened then. The pace at which the epidemic spread was definitely amazing with hundreds of thousands of people contracting the disease every day.

What made 2048 so deadly that human’s immune system cannot fight it?

  1. The rules are simple – you can explain them in three sentences.
  2. There are plenty of small decisions that you have to make.
  3. You don’t need to spend half an hour on each move.
  4. You have a sense of progress when higher and higher tiles appear on the board.
  5. The game gets more difficult with fewer empty spaces and higher tiles on the board.
  6. The game lasts relatively short time.
  7. You just need one finger to play.
  8. Every turn you have one to four possible moves – it is quick to analyze.
  9. There is some randomness, so every game is different.
  10. A specific hard-to-achieve goal was set.

The results: couple of million downloads (usually of exact clones created by someone different than the author), lots of news articles, Gabriele Cirulli becoming instant celebrity (although he hasn’t profited much from its popularity as far as I know), loss of productivity worldwide, human race succumbing to chaos…

So everything I needed to do was to take these points and create something ticking all the boxes. I think Tap2Tap did quite well in meeting all the requirements and is not a clone. The feedback from friends is great (after they’ve lost interest in any kind of social interactions), female work colleagues hate it after introducing the game to their partners (now they call themselves “Tap2Tap widows”) and people I don’t know rate it 5 stars on Google Play (“Awesome game. Easy to pick up but harder to master. Great job.”, “Great game, lots of fun and more challenging then others like it.”). Great job, great game, great success!

Now I just have to wait and keep refreshing the Sydney Morning Herald webpage to see the first article about it. They must be writing something really comprehensive that is why it takes them so long. It is hard to write a perfect article about a perfect game. Yes, that must be the case. No hurry, guys, take your time…

Ok, enough, you can show what you have there. Guys? Hello…?!



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