Stats update – month 1

I know it is not week month 1, but let’s start it from here.

This will be a weekly monthly update on the progress on my road to millions – I will tell you how much money I have earned, how many likes I’ve got, reviews, impressions etc. I know you love statistics! Statistics are cuter than puppies.

Main actions this week:


  • 69 installs, 18 deinstalls
  • Ads impressions: 987
  • Clicks: 9
  • Total earnings: $2.17


  • 86 installs, 24 deinstalls
  • Ads impressions: 7,213
  • Clicks: 11
  • Total earnings: $1.48

Total apps

  • 155 installs, 42 deinstals
  • Ads impressions: 8,200
  • Clicks: 20
  • Total earnings: $3.65

Board Games Mechanics Library

  • Users, mechanics, comments added not by me: 0
  • Visitors: 58
  • Pageviews: 98
  • Earnings: $0 – no ads.
  • Notes: I am currently not promoting BGML as there is not much content there. I have to sit down once and add some more games and mechanics etc.


  • Posts: 6
  • Comments: 4
  • Pageviews: 259
  • Earnings: $0 – no ads.
  • Facebook fan page likes: 3

General notes:

  • These are the lifetime statistics, not this week only.
  • There is a lag in reporting the installations – it can be assumed that they were at the end of yesterday.
  • Ads impressions seem to be reported live. In order to have a meaningful comparison with installations, I have presented the stats as at the end of yesterday.
  • Ads impressions between Tap2Tap and FlexiDice are not easily comparable as the ads have been placed in different spots. Tap2Tap has just one screen where an ad is displayed constantly with a refresh every 60 seconds. FlexiDice has couple of screens and the ads are displayed on two: main screen and the roll dice screen. Summing up – if you play Tap2Tap for 2 hours, you will see 120 ads. However, if you use FlexiDice for 2 hours, you might see no ads at all.

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