Add randomness to your life

Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook, because he liked looking at girls. I have created FlexiDice, because I liked looking at board games. The history was meant to repeat itself.

FlexiDice is an application for creating custom dice (one die, two dice; there is no thing like “dices”, goddamit!) for Android smartphones. It lets you specify how many sides a die should have (so not only 6, but whatever number you are dreaming of), you can put text or numbers on the sides, change text and background colors. It is a really cool thing… if you are into custom dice apps for Android…

FlexiDice came before Tap2Tap (it is its less popular older sister with braces). Initially I have started building it with AppInventor – a tool developed by guys from MIT that lets you build apps by dragging and dropping colorful blocks. No coding skills required. Everyone can do it (yes, even you). Seriously, have a go and see by yourself how easy it is.

In less than an hour the first version of FlexiDice was ready and it took me couple more evenings to refine it. It was fully flexible. With realistic sounds. Shaking enabled. One issue – my wonderful die had only three sides, but who cares?

And then my file got corrupted (must have been industrial espionage). Everything was gone. Had to go to my dealer and beg him to cancel my order for Ferrari.

Creating version 2 was a much more difficult task. I didn’t want to build it with Duplo, I wanted full-blown Lego Technic. This meant learning programming language called Java. No more blocks, just hardcore coding.

I cannot say it was easy. I cannot say I understand Java now. And it took me ages. The most important thing is that FlexiDice works and is better than ever before. And entering “FlexiDice” into Google shows my app as the first result (although Google suggests searching for “flexidict” – what the hell is flexidict?).

Not into board games? I have included Magic-8 die in it which will answer all your yes/no questions. The other one will tell you which pasta to eat. Use it at work and it will help you decide which coffee place you should visit that day.

Should you try it? Just roll the die!


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