Advertise, you fool!

Millions cannot be earned unless you have a monetization strategy. For my projects I have chosen the easiest (and probably least effective) method – advertisements! The developer earns money for every click or thousand of impressions (number of times the ad is displayed).

  1. I wanted to add ads to Board Games Mechanics Library. Therefore I went to Google AdSense, filed the application, and… was rejected due to insufficient content. Bummer. Ok, it was probably my fault as at that time the page was password protected as I was not ready to release it – I just wanted to have everything ready, together with the advertisements to flick the switch.
  2. If not website, I wanted to add ads to Tap2Tap – my puzzle game for Android using Google’s Admob. The reply I got was “Sorry, you cannot add Admob, because your AdSense account is not approved yet. Come back later.”. Frak!
  3. Googled the forums and I found out that the only way is to create a new google account (i.e. get another gmail account). I created one and finally managed to log into Admob. Yay! Now my app could have ads – I already started to smell millions flocking into my back account.
  4. After some time I was finally ready to release Board Games Mechanics Library. The content was there, the page looked alright, the password protection was gone. I have resubmitted my application for inclusion in the program and… “We have noticed that you have two Google accounts which is not allowed for AdSense. Please merge them by doing this and this.” Wrrrr…..
  5. So I followed the link, merged the account… only to find out that there is a nasty unsolved-since-last-year bug that if someone created an Admob account first, you cannot use Adsense for monetizing the website. Srsly?

In conclusion: The ads in my apps are working. No ads on the website. Have to find a new ads provider.


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