Me too, me too!

I think everyone by now has heard about 2048 – a small on-line puzzle game that went viral and has reached an incredible following. If you have not played it, have a go… or keep reading to learn about something 26% better.

I have read about 2048 first time in Sydney Morning Herald from March 25th – so the craze has been going on for at least a week by then. I haven’t played the game – I just read the rules in the article, looked at the screenshot and a question came to my mind that must have been bothering human race since the dawn of the history – would it work in MS Excel?

My version was clumsy, lacked any colors, but it was fun to play. “Really addictive. Someone had a cool idea.” I thought and then forgot about the whole thing.

However, some time later I have come across the original version and played it.

Hmm… something fishy is going on… the general aim is the same, but that game had DIFFERENT RULES comparing to my super-fancy Excel one.

What are the differences? In 2048 you are sliding the whole board and if the same numbers meet they merge. You start with just two numbers and an additional one is added after every slide. As you don’t need to merge numbers in every turn and one slide can cause multiple tiles to merge, the number of populated tiles varies over the life of the game. The game ends when there are no empty tiles left and you cannot merge any more tiles.

In my game there were always 5 empty tiles and you started with 11 populated. You had to merge the tiles in every turn by clicking two of them – they had to have the same numbers and there had to be a path of empty tiles between them (therefore they could have been in different rows and columns). The game ended if you could not make a valid merge. This created totally different dynamics.

Alright if 2048 went viral and my game seems to be addictive as well, maybe it is a chance for me?

That is how Tap2Tap was born. It took me a weekend to code it properly for Android and it was published couple days later.

Have you tried it? Let me know what you think!


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