Yes, I will admit it and you can think whatever you want about me. I just hope you will not stop following me straight away.

I like board games. I have at least 40 in my collection.

What? There are 40 versions of Monopoly?

Yes, but I am not talking about Monopoly here. The world of board games is much bigger than that. Strategy, economics, adventure, card games, some involve luck, dice, others do not have this element at all – tens of thousands. Have you heard about Settlers of Catan? If not, you definitely should.

Board games world has a one go-to website called Hot Girls Playing… eghm… called Boardgamegeek. You can find reviews, descriptions, ratings, house rules, players there, everything a fan would dream of. It is what IMDB is for movies.

However it is missing a structured classification of game mechanics – and there are hundreds of different ones. Why should a board game developer reinvent the wheel instead of just checking e.g. how other designers solved the issue of  “when the game should end”?

The solution is Board Games Mechanics Library – a cookbook for board game designers.

After spending enormous time on writing server-side code (i.e. a program that sends all these mechanics descriptions to your browser) and almost popping a champagne when it started to do what it was meant to do, I have looked at it as you would have – a user that wanted to be amazed.

It looked like crap. It looked like teletext. Even a dictionary looked more appealing.

I have never been a website developer. Yes, I knew very basic HTML, but what apart from that? The site definitely needed some artistic touch.

Stay tuned for one of the next posts where I will explain how I went about it and make it look like it is now (say you like it, pleeaaasseeee!).


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